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House and Office Clearance, Furniture Disposal London

You’re planning on moving soon, but you don’t want to bring your old furniture with you. It’s just not your style anymore. Besides, lugging it to your new flat or home would require a lot of effort you don’t feel like expending. That said, you have to get rid of the furniture somehow before you move out completely, but how? You wish there was a furniture removal service in the London area.

It turns out, there is! At Polish Man & Van, we’ll get rid of that unwanted old furniture so you don’t have to. Our team handles all items you don’t want to lift or cannot lift because it simply weighs too much. We can also arrange for the safe, legal transportation of such items. Simply leaving an old couch on your curb because you don’t want it anymore can net you fines. You don’t need to lose any more money in the middle of a move. Now you won’t have to.

We are fully licensed to undertake any waste removal job.


Furniture disposal London - man and van

We are more than happy to recycle any unwanted items that you no longer require. Our helpful team will dispose of all unwanted possessions no matter the amount and to your utmost convenience and satisfaction. We pride ourselves in correct disposal of waste material to be more environmentally friendly.

Registered waste carrier
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