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Long or short term Storage in London

Are you looking for storage near you? Look no further

Our team of professionals will come over to you for a collection and then deliver your belongings to our containerised storage located near you (this is a non-access storage option)

Our storage is fully protected and very safe!

For a storage delivery, we need only 48 working hours to deliver back to you, with no contract or time limit. Perfect for long/short-term storage, loved by students

For containerised storage, we cover all postcodes inside the M25 Motorway.

If you need help with packing and wrapping your furniture, you are in the right place.

We are professional packers and wrappers; send us a video of your property for a free, non-obligate quotation at any time.

For furniture protection, we use Jiffy quality wrapping materials - designed specifically to protect furniture with delicate surfaces from knocks, scuffs and abrasion. Furnisoft contains a sandwich construction with Astro Bubble laminated to a printed LDPE film on one side and a simulated paper LDPE on the other side. Furni-SOFT combines all the protective qualities of Furni-GUARD with an extra gentle, non-abrasive layer. Customers looking for a modern alternative to woollen blankets have been impressed with the presentation and protection Furni-SOFT has to offer

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